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The ideas that we live in a fake universe or that the world was designed by an alien are quite far-fetched. However, they have surprising parallels to the Sabbath in the Bible. This book is now available as a PDF download.

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By Dwight Hall

The Sabbath in the Bible is based on the idea that God took six days to make all of creation, and then He rested on the seventh day. Dwight Hall discusses interesting parallels between the Sabbath, aliens, and The Matrix. This book is now available as a PDF download.

There have been many abstract movies that pose wild theories to explain the universe. Movies like The Matrix pose the idea of a fake reality, while there are alien movies about ancient humans being influenced by extraterrestrials. 

In his book about the Sabbath in the Bible, Dwight Hall talks about exciting Bible truths and how we can use aliens and sci-fi movies as discussion points.


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“The Sabbath is the clearest and most precise sign of God’s authority as the Creator. Once a week we are reminded by this sign that we exist, not because of chance, not because of space aliens, not because of bacteria in a comet, but because the Lord God created us and all life on earth in six days.” [Page 9]