Buried Treasure

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In this brief pocket book, Dwight Hall contrasts Jesus' parable of the rich young ruler with the man who surrendered everything for the pearl of great price.

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by Dwight Hall

What is treasure to you? Gold, diamonds, or pearls? What about God’s Word, bearing a cross, or facing ridicule for your beliefs? What would you do to receive the treasures of heaven? Dwight Hall’s brief pocketbook explores the ideas of treasure through Jesus’ parables.

The parable of the rich young ruler in Mark 10 and the parable of the pearl of great price in Matthew 13 both touch on the subject of treasure and devotion. Dwight Hall examines both of these Biblical parables, discussing what they may teach us about salvation.

Dwight Hall teaches that two categories of people are portrayed in these stories: the saved and the lost. Each one of us has a decision to make about which category we will choose. What will your choice be?


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