About remnant publications

Our humble beginnings came about in 1985 when CEO Dwight Hall (see his testimony below) felt impressed that he needed to get life-changing books into the hands of millions of people like himself—people who needed to experience God through the written page. Since then, Remnant Publications has printed millions of truth-filled books and Bibles.

Dwight Hall’s Testimony:

When I first went into business for myself, selling and distributing books was the last thing on my mind. Especially Christian books. But God has a way of changing things.

I went from being a high school rebel to an Airborne Ranger to running a successful, multi-million dollar manufacturing company. I had all the trappings of the American dream—wonderful wife, sweet kids, nice home and a few toys as well. But something just wasn’t right.

Books changed my life. God’s Holy Word—and a set of Bible study companions helped me to finally understand what it said. They had such an impact on my life that I sold my off-road suspension company and dedicated the rest of my life to selling God’s books.

During the past twenty-five years, Remnant Publications has printed and distributed literally millions of these life-changing books, and many other lives in addition to my own have been transformed forever. Will you join this number? The tools are here. The choice is yours.

Dwight Hall,

CEO, Remnant Publications