The Longest Protest

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What Is a Protestant?

The word “Protestant” came from the word “protest.” We all know what that word signifies today. We see so many groups and individuals protesting about some issue they think is important. They believe in their cause strongly enough that they are willing to go out in public, march up and down city streets, shout slogans, and hold signs in the air so that everyone can see what their movement is all about.

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Protest. It’s a familiar word in today’s political climate that evokes unrest. Nearly every week we see people marching, waving signs, and shouting slogans about some hot issue: immigration, police shootings, abortion, gun control.

Some groups have been protesting for a few months, some for years. But do you know what was the longest protest in history? It began more than 500 years ago and continues to our time.

When Martin Luther instigated this protest, he had no idea that it would last through history. What was that outcry? Why is it vital to our spiritual lives today?