Bible Study Companion Set

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The Bible Study Companion Set by E. G. White provides beautifully insightful commentary on the Scriptures. These five volumes, covering the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, have made the Bible come alive for millions of readers.

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by E. G. White

The Conflict of the Ages Series by E. G. White has been cherished by many for years. Her illustrative commentary brings vibrant life to the characters and lessons of the Bible.

E. G. White’s exciting and thought-provoking stories will capture the attention of both old and new Christians. Remnant Publications lovingly dubs it the most beautifully written and insightful Bible commentary ever produced. 

These five volumes cover the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Each of her chapters share practical and life-changing principles that can be applied to the challenges of everyday life. 

Bible studies, youth groups, church groups, and student groups will enjoy this compelling series. The set pairs well with Remnant Publications’ study Bible in King James Version, which includes commentary by E. G. White.  

This set includes:

  • Patriarchs and Prophets
  • Prophets and Kings
  • The Desire of Ages
  • Acts of the Apostles
  • The Great Controversy



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  • Share with someone familiar with E. G. White
  • Share with someone celebrating a big milestone (birthday, graduation, wedding, etc.)