The Desire of Ages

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Feel the scorching embrace of the sun-baked sand, as it tingles against the soles of your sandaled feet. Experience the collective gasp that resonates through the enraptured crowd, their breath stolen away with every wondrous miracle that unfolds before their mesmerized eyes. Witness the heart-wrenching scene that unfolds in agonizing detail—the haunting vision of Jesus, bearing the weight of the world's sins, suspended on the cruel precipice of Calvary.

E. G. White weaves a tapestry of vivid imagery, painting a vibrant portrait that guides you through the incredible story of Jesus Christ vividly capturing the essence and spiritual depths of each moment.

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by E. G. White

The story of Jesus Christ is eternally relevant and full of reckless love. E. G. White takes the reader through His life with imaginative descriptions. Her words help each scene feel reachable. 

More than eight billion of us live on this planet now—growing rapidly toward nine billion. We have many differences: race, religion, language, and customs. Nevertheless, we also have some things in common: we breathe air, have the same red blood, and we all want happiness. 

Most of us spend a lifetime pursuing happiness, and many never seem to get ahold of it. We want happiness. We crave it—all of us. Through all ages of history, we have desired it. Nevertheless, this inexpressible desire of all ages cannot be found in things, in fame, in power, in pleasure-seeking. It can be found only in the person of Jesus Christ. 

The story of Jesus brings relief from shame, strength in your weakest places, peace amid a world of misery, and joy beyond anything the world could promise you. E. G. White’s book helps people from all places understand the person of Jesus.


  • Share with someone new to the gospel
  • Share with a friend interested in the story of Jesus
  • Share with a friend or neighbor who sees a lot of evil in the world
  • Share with someone before inviting them to church


  1. God with Us
  2. The Chosen People
  3. The Fullness of Time
  4. Unto You a Savior
  5. The Dedication
  6. We Have Seen His Star
  7. As a Child
  8. The Passover Visit
  9. Days of Conflict
  10. The Voice in the Wilderness
  11. The Baptism
  12. The Temptation
  13. The Victory
  14. We Have Found the Messias
  15. At The Marriage Feast
  16. In His Temple
  17. Nicodemus
  18. He Must Increase
  19. At Jacobs Well
  20. Except Ye See Signs and Wonders
  21. Bethesda and the Sanhedrin
  22. Imprisonment and Death of John
  23. The Kingdom of God is at Hand
  24. Is Not This the Carpenter’s Son?
  25. The Call by the Sea
  26. At Capernaum
  27. Thou Canst Make Me Clean
  28. Levi-Matthew
  29. The Sabbath
  30. He Ordained Twelve
  31. The Sermon on the Mount
  32. The Centurion
  33. Who Are My Brethren?
  34. The Invitation
  35. Peace Be Still
  36. The Touch of Faith
  37. The First Evangelist
  38. Come Rest Awhile
  39. Give Ye Them to Eat
  40. A Night on the Lake
  41. The Crisis in Galilee
  42. Tradition
  43. Barriers Broken Down
  44. The True Sign
  45. The Foreshadowing of the Cross
  46. He Was Transfigured
  47. Ministry
  48. Who is the Greatest?
  49. At the Feast of Tabernacles
  50. Among Snares
  51. The Light of Life
  52. The Divine Shepherd
  53. The Last Journey from Galilee
  54. The Good Samaritan
  55. Not with Outward Show
  56. Blessing the Children
  57. One Thing Thou Lackest
  58. Lazarus, Come Forth
  59. Priestly Plottings
  60. The Law of the New Kingdom
  61. Zacchaeus
  62. The Feast at Simon’s House
  63. Thy King Cometh
  64. A Doomed People
  65. The Temple Cleansed Again
  66. Controversy
  67. Woes on the Pharisees
  68. In the Outer Court
  69. On the Mount of Olives
  70. The Least of These My Brethren
  71. A Servant of Servants
  72. In Remembrance of Me
  73. Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled
  74. Gethsemane
  75. Before Annas and the Court of Caiaphas
  76. Judas
  77. In Pilate’s Judgment Hall
  78. Calvary
  79. It is Finished
  80. In Joseph’s Tomb
  81. The Lord Is Risen
  82. Why Weepest Thou?
  83. The Walk to Emmaus
  84. Peace Be Unto You
  85. By the Sea Once More
  86. Go Teach All Nations
  87. To My Father, and Your Father
  88. Scriptural Index