One Voice: Savior of Our Souls

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This album is dedicated entirely to God's deliverance. There are so many aspects of our lives that we experience His hand, at times it is evident and at others it might even go overlooked. Each song is focused at a different point of rescue and will uplift and encourage those who need a Hero in their lives. Whether it be an escape from stress, temptations, loneliness, or even the sticky situations we so often get ourselves into.

1. He Rescued Me
2. If You Ask Me
3. I'll Be True Precious Jesus
4. Hear My Cry O Lord
5. Love, Sweet Love
6. Savior of Our Souls
7. Forever Friendship
8. How Can I Sin Against My God
9. Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel
10. Hero
11. Yes He Did!
12.The Great Controversy Ended

One Voice began in 1997 in South Lancaster, Massachusetts, as a “just-for-fun” singing group, but which then soon turned into a five-man evangelism team. Using spiritual music and the spoken word, they have been noted to minister effectively to teenagers, and, right through the ages, the elderly in nursing homes. It is their prayer that Christ can be seen through each of their members and that their lives and voices will bring others to the Savior.