Great Controversy Project Donation

This fund helps Remnant Publications do mass distributions of The Great Controversy in major cities and even whole states across North America. Some cities that have been done in the past are New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Denver, Nashville, Detroit, Portland, OR, et al.  Recently we covered the entire state of West Virginia and Vermont and are now raising funds to mail to the entire state of Maine.

Bibles for Africa and Beyond

Imagine living in a country where Bibles are difficult to obtain. How would you learn about Jesus, or even share Jesus with others? This fund helps Remnant Publications in sending shipping containers full of Bibles to Africa and other countries.

Wherever Most Needed

Is it hard to decide which fund to donate to? Let us use your gift in the area that has an urgent need at the time of your donation.

Ministry Fund

The donations in this fund are used to support Remnant Publications’ speakers who travel to churches to present seminars and truth-filled messages.

Equipment Fund

Remnant Publications is constantly endeavoring to stay at the forefront of technology to make sure we are making the best use of time and the resources the Lord has blessed us with. Your donations in this fund help keep the presses, the bookbinder, and other equipment operating, as well as the purchase of paper and ink.

Prison Ministry

We have an increasing number of inmates who ask for truth-filled literature. Most have no way to purchase books or Bibles. This fund provides the requested inspirational books and Bibles to the inmates who send us their requests and gives God’s message of freedom to those who have none.

Israel Truth Project Donation

Join in this exciting opportunity by donating below.