Remnant Study Bible App



Remnant Publications is excited to announce a new tool that will take your Bible study time to the next level. For the first time ever, you can now get the Remnant Study Bible with E. G. White comments optimized for your Apple or Android mobile devices.

This app is loaded with many pro features that will allow you to get the most out of our classic study Bible with E. G. White comments.

When you download the app, you’ll be able to choose from our 2 available Bible versions: The classic King James Version and the easy-to-read New King James Version. Unlock one or both to easily switch back and forth between versions while reading in the app.

You’ll find all the E. G. White comments scattered throughout the Bible in their familiar “blue boxes”. By clicking the reference at the end of the comment you can bring up the full text of that book to read the full context of her powerful insight.

Navigating to a specific text is a breeze with the new optimized “easy verse selector”. Just choose the book, chapter, and verse and you’ll be instantly presented with the result. Want to search by a keyword instead? Now you can! The search feature lets you choose to search the full Bible, E. G. White’s commentary, or even both!

The app is not lacking when it comes to study tools—Change font size for easy reading, Highlight important texts in a variety of colors, create “margin notes” just as you would in a printed Bible, place bookmarks for your favorite texts, copy and paste, and even share what you find with your friends on social media!

We have also included all the study resources in the back of the Bible for quick and easy access such as: Articles, images, and helps; timelines and maps; Bible symbols and their meanings; Miracles and Parables of Jesus; Bible reading plans; and so much more!

One more feature that we’re sure you’ll find useful in a big way is the quick access to the Bible study chain. You’ll be able to give a study in an instant for all the main doctrines of the Bible. Tap from one verse to the next to discover clearly the themes of Scripture.

Download the “Remnant Study Bible” app today and watch your study time be transformed—find a deeper personal walk with God, and help to lead others to the Word. Don’t put it off, get it now!