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Fall 2020

Riots, looting, personal attacks, suicide, and even cold-blooded murders are increasing. Whether they know it or not, people need the Lord NOW more than ever. Recently a cruel man in New York City attempted to rape women in broad daylight while passersby ignored the crime. The media headline read: “Get out of the cities!” Sound familiar?

As many search for meaning in what are clearly the last days, we have the opportunity to share the gospel with people desperately in need of hope. With successive natural disasters increasing in both number and intensity, coupled with the pervasive fear over COVID-19, many sense the urgency of our time. Even those who lead secular lives realize that the climate of life has changed dramatically.

With what time remains, partner with Remnant Publications to share God’s truth with souls in your corner of the world. Earnestly pray for the outpouring of God’s Spirit to use you and your church members in the best manner possible.

The Great Controversy and Hope for the Hurting

As mankind searches for answers to the complex questions of life, now is a prime time to sponsor zip code mailings of The Great Controversy or Hope for the Hurting (a retitled edition of Steps to Christ). Give us a call at 800-423-1319 or 517-481-4863 to acquire a quote and move forward in distributing hope in your area. For those of you who live in Hispanic neighborhoods, these books are also available in Spanish.

You can help spread this blessed hope. Just think: many of those we wish to reach for Christ actually still have more time to read just now. You may also purchase The Great Controversy or Hope for the Hurting for your own personal or group distribution.

Other Book Distribution Opportunities

Even in this era of social distancing, we have occasions to place a book or booklet in someone’s life. God’s Final Warning (also available in Spanish) focuses specifically on the three angels’ messages. Other options include Making Sense of Deadly DisastersThe Coming Judgments of God, as well as the favored The United States in Bible Prophecy and The Vanishing Protestant are little booklets that can be left in public places. A tract that resonates well with people at a time such as this is If God I So Good Why Do I Hurt So Bad?

Even though many public places are currently closed, people still frequent necessary venues. Leave something at the gas pump, on a bench at the grocery store, pharmacy, or park. Others have given away literature at yard sales they have hosted. Some still knock on doors. Still, others put together little gift bags with a Scripture song CD, a COVID-19 survey, and The Great Controversy. Perhaps you need to take an emergency flight; place a tract or booklet at the airport, even in the restroom. We still have options, despite keeping a generous space between us and the next person.

The Remnant Study Bible and App

In celebrating ten years of The Remnant Study Bible, we launched our new Platinum edition in late 2019. The new Platinum Bibles are available in your choice of six great color options along with the translation choices of both the King James and New King James versions. A highly valued feature in this new edition is that the words of God are in blue lettering in the Old Testament. Christ’s words in the New Testament are still in red. The book introductions are revamped, which include new timelines; a fun fact, “Did You Know?” section; and full-color illustrations complete the recently freshened appearance. By the way, these Bibles still contain the same great E. G. White comment boxes that so many have grown to love.

Additionally, the long-anticipated Remnant Study Bible app is now available. It is loaded with many pro features that allow you to achieve an elite inspection of our classic Remnant Study Bible with E. G. White Comments. Other prized components include changing the type size for easy reading, highlighting important Bible verses in a variety of colors, even creating notes as you might in a printed Bible. In a Bible chain topic, you can just click from one verse to the next. Also, you may just click on any of the cross-references, and you will be able to read the verse instantly. The app also contains all of the other features found in the printed Bible: articles, images, helps, timelines, and maps. Another outstanding feature is that you will be able to read the E. G. White comments in context because all ten books in their entirety are searchable within the app.

Those who have already purchased the app will be excited to know a new update will be coming this fall that will fix many bugs and add a few more enhancements.

NEW Publications

The Bible articulately points to the fact God’s end-time people will be given the prophetic gift. Our newest book, entitled Proof of a True Prophet, sheds light on the subject. Drawing from her own words and the testimony of those who knew her, this book reveals the remarkable fruits of Ellen G. White. This writing exhibits convincing proof of God’s prophetic call in the life of this humble yet courageous woman.

Struggling with “Why?” is our newest pocket sharing book to give to individuals who ask the life question: “Why do bad things happen to good people?” In this firsthand account, Alistair Huong opens the door on why we experience difficult trials in this life.

NOW ACCEPTING PRE-ORDERS! Remnant has assembled a power-packed devotional set to help prepare your character for heaven. These two 2021 devotionals are taken from E. G. White's classic books The Great Controversy and The Desire of Ages. These inspirational books will have you looking forward to your morning and evening devotions in the coming year.

Final Comments

Jesus is the answer in a world filled with questions. He remains the great need of all humanity. May your own trust in Him remain firm amidst the multitude of distractions that vie for your attention in this life. Please join us in prayer for our world, our church, and the respective leaders locally and globally. God bless you!