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In the last year wise laborers shared truth with their neighborhoods and other locations by asking Remnant to mass mail The Great Controversy to their zip codes and postal carrier routes. These endeavors continue to escalate the work of the fourth angel of Revelation 18 before probation closes. The time for sharing truth will rapidly come to a close and be cut off entirely!

Many are heeding the prophetic counsel to scatter this book "like the leaves of autumn" while time remains. What is God's plan for your church or family to reach out to your own corner of the world with a message of truth for today? Contact us at  or call 800-423-1319 to begin your journey of leading souls along the path to freedom from sin.

Additional popular sharing favorites include: Hope for the Hurting (retitled Steps to Christ); Hero of Hacksaw Ridge; God's Final Warning (the three angels’ messages)—all of these titles are also available in Spanish. English only title choices include The 7 Flags of NASCAR; The United States in Bible Prophecy; The Vanishing Protestant; Climate Change; and many others.

Back by Popular Demand

  • Daniel: Practical Living in the Judgment Hour, by Dr. Norman McNulty, sold out a while back. Well-admired for the clarity of its content, it has been reprinted and the shelves restocked.
  • God’s Final Warning, English edition, has also been reprinted.

New from Remnant Publications

  • Our most popular Bible, the Platinum Edition of The Remnant Study Bible, is now available in LARGE print! This same trusted Bible, with dimensions of 8 x 11 inches, is 20% larger than the regular size.
  • Fishers of Men by Rudy Hall is designed to equip you to accept the Savior’s bidding to become a fisher of men. This book offers helpful pointers in the soul-winning process.

Coming Soon

  • Revelation: Practical Living in the Judgment Hour will be Norman McNulty's follow-up to his enormously popular book on Daniel. He covers the book of Revelation from the same perspective as he did Daniel. To the prophecies we have been studying for years, he adds the component of how to practically apply these prophecies to our lives today.
  • Experiencing Jesus through Romans, by Jay Gallimore, offers a golden opportunity to experience the power of Jesus. Live by faith in the true gospel of Christ.

Final Comments

Jesus’ Second Coming is closer than the “soon” that so many speak about. Yet, so much work needs to be completed. In Patriarchs and Prophets (page 299), E. G. White commented, “Divine strength is to be combined with human effort.” Prayerfully put forth your energy to be bound with the power of God to complete the work, using the implements that have been bestowed upon us.