Demons or Angels

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Many people find the topic of demon possession confusing. Whether you believe in superstitions, have doubts, or want to understand it from a biblical perspective, this book will provide answers to your questions. Demons or Angels helps you grasp the difference between the light of angels and the darkness of demons in a straightforward manner.

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2013 Christian Choice Book Award Winner in the Ministry Category

by Louis Torres

Because of the widespread ignorance concerning demon possession, strange ideas and practices have arisen. Some claim to be exorcists. They prowl for candidates in order to declare someone possessed. Then they undertake the task to free the supposed victim. Hence, organizations called “deliverance ministries” or “spiritual warfare ministries,” assert that they can provide exorcism services.

Exorcism is the term used to describe an expulsion from a person of a supernatural being called a demon, devil, evil spirit, or Satan. Demons or Angels explains that different approaches to the problem of demon possession have given rise to these deliverance ministries. While many of them have good intentions and undertake this challenge, a lack of careful scrutiny has led to seriously flawed outcomes.

Take the case of the late Pope John Paul II’s attempts on September 11, 2000, to exorcise a woman. The outcome was disastrous, resulting in her death. Exorcists have pronounced people to be possessed when the person was suffering from only a medical condition. 

Demons or Angels shares remarkable incidences where angels have led God’s people from the brink of falling into a dark abyss. The contrast between angels of light and demons of darkness is unmistakable.

Demons or Angels clears the fog of misconception while assisting the sincere sufferer to find relief. At the same time, it leads to an understanding that will help to avoid mislabeling those who are suffering from medical conditions and not demon possession.



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ISBN: 978-0-9703553-8-6
Pages: 192, paperback
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