Cracking the Code: Behind Enemy Lines

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School shootings, rapes, terrorist attacks, and catastrophic disasters appear to be happening in succession more quickly than ever. E. G. White pulls back the curtain on the origin of evil and why it is escalating.

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by E. G. White

Today, violence has become so common that society has become hardened to these atrocities. E. G. White claims there is a deadly disease sucking the life out of the world. She discusses the origin of evil in this compelling work. 

The intense words of E. G. White help the reader understand the origin of evil, why evil is escalating, the impending conflict, and other revelant aspect of the war between good and evil. Cracking the Code highlights the only solution that works.

Table of Contents

  1. The Origin of Evil
  2. Enmity between Man and Satan
  3. Agency of Evil spirits
  4. Snares of Satan
  5. Persecution in the First Centuries
  6. An Era of Spiritual Darkness
  7. The First Great Deception
  8. Can Our Dead Speak to Us?
  9. Liberty of Conscience Threatened
  10. The Impending Conflict
  11. Modern Revivals



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