Born to Die

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Born to Die
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by E. G. White

Jesus’ early life is mysterious to many. His birth was foretold in Scripture and millions were waiting for His arrival. It happened about 2,000 years ago, in a small barn, in a small town, in a small nation.

E. G. White, a beloved Christian author, beautifully crafts the story of Jesus’ early life in these pages. Most people have heard about the babe born in Bethlehem, yet few have really explored the depths of His beginnings.

Hear the hammers in a carpenter’s shop, smell the spices in the markets, feel the heated sand on your toes. E. G. White gives a detailed, emotional portrait of Jesus’ early life. You'll understand the timing of His birth, how a nation rose and fell by His Word, and why He was truly born to die.

Read all about the man who is more than just a part of history, a man who is more than just another religion. He's the reason you're alive, He is the bridge between heaven and earth, and this is the first part of His amazing journey straight into your heart.

Born to Die is taken from the first 16 chapters of The Desire of Ages Chapters 3-18.


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