'Twas Worth It All

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How can you endure misery at the hands of the people you love the most? Engage in young Liz’s story as she learns what is the Sabbath and how can God’s grace sustain you through persecution.

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by H. Elizabeth Sweeney-Cabey

Engage in Liz’s inspiring Christian story as she hears the still, small voice of God beckoning her throughout life. She learns what is the Sabbath, about the faithfulness of God, and about the Ten Commandments. 

“Mama,” I cried, “...How could those bad people treat Him like that? If I were alive then, I would have let Him know that I loved Him.”

“You can love Him now.” 

Thus, the small child, under her mother’s instruction, learned of God’s sacrifice for her and learn what is the Sabbath. 

Young Liz struggled with the inconsistencies of worshipping on the first day of the week. “Why does everyone in this village go to church on Sunday if it isn’t the seventh day?” she queried.

As she grew, she had a burning desire to know the truth and follow the right course. Yet the quandary over the Sunday/Sabbath issue escalated.

This charming, inspiring Christian story follows Liz's faith, which waned until her teen years. Then persecution for her renewed faith engulfed her. Would God’s promise that His grace is sufficient sustain her to bear the deepening trials that became a neighborhood spectator sport?

Understand what it meant for this teenager to endure misery at the hands of the people she loved the most. Share the inspiring Christian story with children and teens who enjoy stories of courage.


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ISBN: 978-1-629131-48-1
Pages: 96, paperback
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 inches