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Learning how to eat raw and gluten-free can be intimidating. Sheri Yohe’s helpful guide includes health principles, transitioning assistance, tools and techniques, tips for a healthy kitchen, and recipes. 

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by Sheri Yohe

After struggling with various health issues from her early years, Sheri Yohe was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. Thus, her journey to gluten-free eating began. This book was written to share her amazing lifestyle encounter that turned her life from a daily struggle to one filled with energy.

This step-by-step guide demonstrates how to eat raw and gluten-free. Learn to prepare raw food and how to include a higher percentage of raw food into daily life.

Sheri Yohe’s book includes health principles, knowledge around how to eat gluten-free, transitioning tips, tools and techniques, recipes, and raw enzyme-rich foods. Taking steps towards healthy eating may seem overwhelming, but having the right tools can make the process easier.

When Yohe was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome at 37, she searched for a solution. Now in her fifties, she has more energy than when she was a teenager. After discovering the benefits of the natural health field, Sheri attended two lifestyle centers: Uchee Pines in Seal, Alabama and Lifestyle Center of American in Ardmore, Oklahoma. 

She has extensive training as a raw food chef instructor, a raw pastry chef, and as a health educator. Her passion to improve quality of life has led her to teach numerous health classes, lead healthy supper clubs, and develop raw food chef certification classes.

Her credentials include working as the lifestyle center director at the Living Springs Lifestyle Center in Alabama, interning at the Lov’n It Live restaurant in Georgia, and training as a raw food chef through Alissa Cohen as well as the Jenari Health Institute.


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ISBN: 978-1-4675-4249-4
Pages: 176, spiral, hardbound
9 x 11.25 inches