I Pledge Allegiance

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Is it biblically and ethically right for Seventh-day Adventists to engage in war?
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I Pledge Allegiance provides frank, sensible answers to the following questions:

  • Is it biblically and ethically right for Seventh-day Adventists to engage in war?
  • Can Adventists in clear conscience voluntarily enlist in a military establishment?
  • Would it be consistent for an Adventist to belong to any department of the military—such as intelligence, communication, logistics, medical chaplaincy, etc.—that also exists to support the combat unit that does the actual killing?
  • How should Seventh-day Adventist Christians maintain a proper balance between loyalty to God and their allegiance to their nation?
  • Why should Adventists be concerned about the changes that have taken place in its church's historic position on military noncombatancy?
  • How should our unique prophetic understanding of Revelation 13 shape our stance regarding our role in the military?
"Finally, and insightful work has been produced, challenging Seventh-day Adventists to reevaluate the role of its members in the military. . . . In I Pledge Allegiance, the authors have undertaken the unenviable task of presenting a fair and balanced approach to a controversial, if not explosive, subject. Their conclusions are bound to resonate positivelywith many readers while at the same time exciting displeasure among others. That is the nature of tackling controversial issues, something with which I personally very familiar. As you read this timely book, my hope and prayer is that you too will sense God's gracious Spirit speaking to your heart. If you are contemplating military service, may He be your ultimate Guide in making an intelligent, biblically information decision." —Samuel Korantem-Pipim, PhD

ISBN: 978-0-9799402-0-0
Pages: 176, paperback
Dimensions: 5.875 x 9 inches

Keith Philips and Karl Tsatalbasidis

Table of Contents

    Section One—Historical Issues
  1. Church's Position on Noncombatancy
  2. Military Chaplains
  3. Military Medics

  4. Section Two—Hermeneutical and Ethical Issues
  5. Theocracy
  6. Crucial Tests of Faith
  7. Thou Shalt Not Kill
  8. Sabbath Issues
  9. Draft Versus Voluntary Enlistment
  10. Hermeneutics of Silence
  11. Hermeneutics Revealed
  12. Dangers of Patriotism

  13. Section Three—Testimonies
  14. Power of the Message
  15. Man Proposes, God Disposes
  16. A Final Word