7 Flags of NASCAR

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What does the Bible say about work, relationships, and how to live your life? The rules behind the flags of NASCAR can provide surprisingly helpful principles for your walk with God. 

Crystal and John Earnhardt explain these concepts in their captivating book 7 Flags of NASCAR.

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by John and Crystal Earnhardt

You may already know the flags of NASCAR and the rules they represent, but what you might not know is that some of the same rules can apply to your faith in God. 

What does the Bible say about work? Are there Bible-based guidelines for relationships and other areas of your life. When we take a closer look at the flags of NASCAR, we can find basic applications for life. Crystal and John Earnhardt explain these concepts with a NASCAR spin.

You need to know in life when to put the pedal to the metal and when to slam on the brakes. You need to know when to move over or to slow down when debris is in your path. The principles behind the flags of NASCAR can help determine success or failure.

John Earnhardt is a volunteer chaplain for NASCAR. He learned the meaning of the flags as a young boy at his father's racetrack in North Carolina. His message of hope is that you can soar above your past and make new beginnings. His wife Crystal Earnhardt is a freelance writer and has written seven books including Victory Lane.


  • Share with a friend familiar with John Earnhardt’s ministry
  • Share with someone interested in NASCAR
  • Share with someone asking, “What does the Bible say about work, relationships, and how to live your life?”
  • Share in bulk at NASCAR races (hand out, rent an exhibit booth, zip code mail to the surrounding area)



Once when John was speaking at a worship service in Tennessee, a young man came in drunk. As John began to talk about Jesus and a new beginning with God, the man perked up and listened. 

Just before a Bible drawing, John said, “‘This book is a love letter from God… It is an instruction book on life’… I watched to see what would happen and to my delight, the young man put his name in the drawing. With a silent prayer, I put my hand in the hat and drew out his name. Our young camper jumped to his feet and waved his one free arm in the air. 

‘That is me,’ he yelled, ‘I won a Bible!’ 

He was so excited he took the book and staggered off to his tent site. It was the most unusual and rewarding sight I had ever beheld—a young man leaving a raceway ministry church with a bottle of whiskey in one hand and a Bible in the other.”