Learning to Walk with God (Audio Cassettes)

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Dwight Hall was looking for a practical, heart-changing religion. He wanted to talk to God and walk with God like Enoch, Moses, and Elijah, but didn't know how. He wondered, "If the Bible is true, then where are the people that are walking the walk?"

This book is now available on cassettes. Follow his invigorating story and learn practical ways to build a relationship with God.

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by Dwight Hall

Dwight Hall was on a search for peace, meaning, and purpose. He wanted to truly talk to God and experience a heart-changing religion. This book is now available on cassettes.

His journey impelled him in and out of two Christian academies, into the Airborne Rangers, and eventually into starting a successful manufacturing company. With his wife, kids, and successful business, many thought Dwight was living the great "American Dream." But though the money was good and alcohol helped to soothe his nerves, something was still dreadfully wrong.

This story isn't about a church, denomination, or Bible-thumping theory. It's a path to talk to God. A trail that leads Dwight and his family to a better way of life. It is about learning to walk with Godsomething you can do right where you are.

Do you want to talk to God and walk with Him? To build a relationship with God, like the Bible heroes of old? This book shows the way in an applicable, life-changing manner.

Your heart will thrill as you read Dwight Hall's story—and Deb's tooa story of power and grace. For if God hears even the prayer of a drunken soldier, He can solve your problems as well.

Today, Dwight shares his faith through the ministry of Remnant Publications. Since 1985, Remnant Publications has printed and distributed millions of books and literature with the sole purpose of leading people closer to Christ. Dwight has shared his testimony along with seminars across the United States, as well as South America, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.


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