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The 666 Factor: An Annotated Timeline

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by Jerry A. Stevens


What does it mean?

Over the years the vast majority of Bible students have read the number 666, as found in Revelation 13:18, as six hundred sixty-six. This expression is spelled out in most versions of the Bible. A notable exception is the New King James Version. It renders the term in Arabic numerals, or three sixes.

An alarming trend began in 1979. Some Seventh-day Adventist expositors began to put a symbolic spin on the classic interpretation. Careful Bible students, however, have seen through this.

Contrary to some proponents of the so-called symbolic view, the number of the beast is not six six six (hex hex hex), but rather “six hundred and sixty six” (hexakosioi hexēkonta hex). This can hardly be overemphasized in light of the predominant contradictory understanding among recent revisionist historicists and semi-historicists. The whole number (666) must be seen as a unit, as divinely given in Scripture, and not illegitimately split into three equal sixes. —Kenneth Jørgensen, 2007.

This annotated timeline examines the question penetratingly, yet fairly. The Bible encourages us to examine and rightly divide the Word of truth (2 Timothy 2:15) for ourselves. It is time for every Christian watchman on the walls of Zion to wake up. Take those worn-out trumpets that make uncertain sounds. Exchange them for trumpets that warn God’s people in very certain tones!

Tables of Contents

Special Acknowledgments
Purpose and Scope of This Timeline
Annotated Timeline
Uriah Smith: Selected Bibliography

ISBN: 978-1-629131-45-0
Pages: 128, paperback
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 inches

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